NLP Coach/ Timeline Therapy/Hypnosis Course

NLP Coaching Course

Whether you are looking for a career change or wan to excel more in studies or grow your business, this Course is for you.

NLP is essentially the methodology of coaching. We are all coaches in our daily lives, to some extent. For example, parents are coaches to their children, superiors in the office are coaches to their subordinates, and so on.

The NLP Coaching Course will help you to draw from the experience of an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner to help improve your own coaching style so that you can apply it to you work, home, and personal life!

What is the NLP Coaching Course?

The course uses a specific type of NLP course in this Coaching programme known as Time Line Therapy. The Time Line Therapy programme is used specifically to help individuals resolve any past issues in their lives in order for them to be able to adopt a proper approach to their coaching for the future.

The NLP Coach and Master Coach Course is also certified by the ABNLP and goes beyond the content provided for by the International Coach Federation

How to Get Into NLP Coaching Courses

To be certified as an NLP Coach with ABNLP, you would have to hold a certification as an NLP Practitioner and a Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™. Here are the steps one would be required to follow:-

Step 1: Attend the NLP Practitioner Course

Step 2: After step 1, you would be able to access the Time Line Therapy Practitioner/NLP Coach and Hypnosis Practitioner Course. This is a 40-day course and will teach you the skills of NLP Coaching and Time Line Therapy. You will also learn Hypnosis skills up to the Practitioner Level. After this step, you will have 4 certificates namely, NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy TM Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner and NLP Coach

Step 3: Now you access the Masters NLP Course where you will be certified as an NLP Master Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ and a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis.

NLP Coach Course

  • Three Major Outcomes For Coaching
  • What NLP Coaching is
  • Understanding the difference between Coaching and other types of personal development/counselling/ therapy/education/ training
  • The Coaching Agreement
  • Process Frames For Coaching
  • What You Do Best Inventory
  • Restructuring Questions For A Specific Type Of Business
  • Personal Strength Assessment For Clients
  • The Effectiveness Check-list
  • Types Of Feedback
  • Reframes for The Client
  • The NLP Coaching Cycle
  • Coaching Session Structure

NLP Master Coach Course

  • Coaching According To The Values Levels Thinking
  • What Are Values Levels (VL)
  • Values And Motivation Strategy
  • Where And How Would You Use Values In Coaching?
  • The Change State Indicator
  • Values Level Thinking
  • Values And Secondary Gain
  • Negative Emotions And Values LevelTransitions
  • Coaching According To The Thinking Values
  • “Creating Your Future®” Coaching Techniques
  • The Coaching Values Inventory

Time Line Therapy ™

What is it?

Time Line Therapy ™ is a form of therapy that uses techniques to help the unconscious mind rid itself of emotional baggage brought on by emotional trauma, including eliminating unwanted thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Who can benefit from Time Line Therapy ™?

  • Those whose life is controlled by unwanted or negative emotions
  • Those who feel too afraid to step out of their comfort zones and are missing out on life
  • Those who feel a lot of fear
  • Those who feel anxious about their future
  • Those who feel sad and depressed about their lives
  • Those who are struggling to achieve their goals

Sometimes, the emotional trauma and past experiences can weigh us down and create a lot of emotional baggage. This baggage can prevent us from seeing things clearly and can affect how we perceive situations and achieve our goals.

What is Time Line Therapy ™, really?

Time Line Therapy is a set of techniques that help you take control of your emotional life. The methodology, first developed by Tad James, M.S, Ph.D. in 1985, focuses on applying a therapeutic process to your “internal memory storage system.” According to James, each individual’s “Time Line” is how they unconsciously store memories or how they can differentiate between a memory from the past of a projection in the future.

Time Line Therapy focuses on changing your “unconscious” mind and re-programme the negative programming in order to create a change in behaviour. The negative programing of your unconscious is what affects your ability to live the life you desire, and to achieve your goals. Outbursts of anger, periods of sadness, depression, and apathy all stem from the emotional baggage we carry from past experiences.

Through Time Line Therapy, you can learn to let go of the negative emotions associated with past experiences and to adopt new changes in behaviour quickly, with a lasting effect.

James has developed this therapy over many years, and in 1988 published a book entitled Time Line Therapy and the Basis of Personality.

What can Time Line Therapy ™ do?

Time Line Therapy can:-

  • Let go of limiting beliefs that keep you stuck

Having beliefs that hinder your progress, such as “I can never get that job” , “I will never find someone good to marry” or “I am not good enough” are examples of limiting beliefs that make you feel unable to reach your goals and have a life you desire

  • Free you of negative emotions from your past and create a future YOU want

Feelings such as anger, hurt, pain, sadness and guilt are all emotions that are preventing you from feeling free to make better decisions. You can let go of these negative emotions and free yourself of emotional baggage. Once you do this, you are free to create the kind of life that YOU want!

How does Time Line Therapy ™  work and why should I learn it?

  • Time Line Therapy ™ operates on an unconscious level, so it deals with the root of the emotional problems. The therapy methods and techniques allow you to release all the stored up negative  emotions that have prevented you from feeling free enough to really take control of your own life.
  • If  you feel any of the following:-
    • That you overreact to stressful situations
    • That you are overwhelmed by negative emotions: sadness, frustration, anger, hurt, guilt, and others
    • That you are missing out on life because you are drowning in negativity
    • That you do not believe in yourself or that you can achieve the  things you want ot achieve

An important thing to remember about Time Line Therapy ™ is that is it content free. This means you do not need to dissect your past with a therapist and talk about painful experiences. Time Line Therapy affords you a set of techniques that tackle the negative beliefs in your unconscious, and it does so in a matter of minutes, as opposed to days, months and years! A quick solution, with long term effects.


What is it?          

Hypnosis is a very old and widely accepted way of communicating with your unconscious mind. It is a therapeutic process designed to create an altered state of consciousness, in order to elicit the relaxation response. This response allows the mind to become influenced. It has been proven to create change in addictive behaviours such as smoking, it has also been proven to aid weight loss, reduce stress, and manage pain.

In this suggestible state, the creative parts of our minds are able to alter the visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and intuitive perceptions which can stimulate changes.  This method of therapy also allows us to influence or persuade the unconscious mind.

During the Hypnosis course, you can effectively learn techniques to:-

  • Change Your Life and Assist Others to Change Theirs
  • Create Effective Suggestions to Use In Hypnosis
  • Create Powerful Motivation for Change
  • Stop Overeating
  • Stop Smoking
  • Eliminate Stress
  • Use Hypnosis Legally and Ethically to Create Change

Some pointers to remember what hypnosis is, and is not. Hypnosis is NOT about being asleep, unconscious, gullible, or losing your self control. Hypnosis IS an altered state of consciousness which triggers a relaxation response which enables the mind to be influenced by suggestions.

The Hypnosis training course involves a lot of hands-on experience. At the end of the course, the American Board of Hypnotherapy will certify you as a Hypnotherapist after payment of the membership fee and the production of the Hypnosis attendance certificate. 

What happens during the Course?

Hypnosis Course – Practitioner

  • The History
  • How to Preframe
  • The Fundamentals Of Ericksonian Hypnosis
  • Patterns Of Indirect Suggestion
  • The Preparation for Trance
  • Stages Of Hypnosis
  • Suggestibility Tests
  • How to Design Ericksonian Inductions
  • How to deliver personalised Ericksonian Inductions
  • General Pendulum Paradigm
  • Deepening Techniques personalised to the client.
  • Contraindications For Hypnosis
  • Post Hypnotic Suggestions

NOTE: Please be aware that to attend this course you will already hold an NLP Practitioner Certificate. The Hypnosis Practitioner programs are run back to back with our Time Line TherapyTM programs and attending both courses is required.

Hypnosis Course – Master Practitioner

Please note Hypnosis Master Practitioner is INCLUDED on our Master Practitioner Program

  • Multiple Embedded Metaphors Refreshed
  • Progressive Induction
  • Deepening Techniques
  • Introduction To Elman And Estabrook  –Direct – Authoritarian Approach
  • Elements Of An Elman Induction
  • The Elman Pre-Talk
  • Elman Hypnotic Inductions
  • TheStages Of  Revisited
  • Elman’s Stages Of Trance
  • Dave Elman Inductions
  • Convincers
  • Post-Hypnotic Suggestionswith Amnesia