Florence Tee

(Certified NLP Trainer)

Hi! I am a Certified NLP Trainer. Despite owning 3 other companies with more than 200 employees, 500 students and 3 managing directors, my passion is still helping people to transform and become better versions of themselves. I spend most of my time conducting trainings and coaching my clients so that they can live the lives that they deserve.  Being a mother of 3, a happy wife and a trainer, I would say I wouldn’t have achieved all that if I didn’t get to know more about NLP. Thanks NLP! I no longer have to live in FEAR, SADNESS, HURT, ANGER and GUILT. Bye bye to all these 5 negative emotions!

Having grown up in a family where my father couldn’t be there to support me financially and emotionally, I had to learn the hard way to solve all my problems. My mother had to take care of my father who was bedridden for more than 15 years. Being a girl as young as 5 years old, I had to pick myself up each time I failed and I had to keep everything to myself. My mother would not have the time to listen to my trifling problems. Again, I kept telling myself… it’s alright and I kept walking.

My first marriage didn’t work well and I had to endure all the emotional, mental and physical abuse. Fearing my mother might be feeling disappointed, I kept everything to myself and again, I told myself it’s alright and I kept walking. One day, I told myself that I had enough. I believed I should not live in FEAR. I ran away from home and hid for a few months before I decided to end my horrible marriage.

I thought that my problem had been solved. I was wrong. Being haunted by all the traumatic experiences at night which subsequently caused me to have insomnia for years.  I couldn’t really take it anymore. It was holding me back from moving forward. It was stopping me from achieving what I want to achieve in my life. That’s when I decided to take up NLP course and I was amazed to see so much changes in me during the training. I became so much happier. It was really a life changing experience. Being so obsessed with NLP, I continue to pursue my knowledge of NLP as a Certified NLP Trainer. I work hard and I seek joy in what I am doing.

I know it sounded impossible but let me tell you it is really the matter of what you really want in your life and who you want to be. Nothing is impossible!