NLP Master Practitioner Course

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Master Practitioner

This training includes certification at:-

This new type of NLP Masters Training now includes a brand new video Pre-Course study program created by a UK NLP Master Trainer.

When you attend this type of NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training, you will learn:[

1. Language

  • How to direct your energy through your language to enhance your linguistic abilities.
  • An NLP Master Practitioner becomes a Master of Language. The objective is to teach an NLP Master Practitioner to use their language to effect change in others way before they reach the “techniques” stage
  • During the program you will become a Master of Quantum Linguistics. This involves the usage of language that is plausible but not logical.
  • We learn another linguistic patter called Prime Concerns – what people are seeking at a deeply unconscious level that is represented in their language.
  • We venture into the realm of Quantum Physics and the principles you will need to understand.
  • You will develop your Milton Model skills to a level where you will be able to use the patterns unconsciously.

2. Working with Filters 

  • Your knowledge of and use of strategies will improve, and you will get rid unhelpful strategies.
  • You will increase your knowledge of Submodalitys and learn ways of playing with SMDs linguistically
  • You will spend time working on Meta Programs – unconscious filters that are powerful determinants of Personality.
  • 2 days will be spent learning about Values – which is an important part of aligning the conscious with the subconscious and reaching your goals. You will learn how Values are formed, as well as how to elicit hierarchy and change values.
  • You will learn how to use a values inventory- which is how to coach different values levels, how to change values levels and how to get rid of conflicts within values level thinking. Also a very key section.

3. NLP Modelling

  • You will learn to install a skillset within yourself through NLP Modelling – which is likely the most effective way of learning skills. This modelling will be taugh through a board break, and there will also be a modelling project – given that it is the essence of NLP.

4. Time Line Therapy TM

  • You will learn advanced Time Line Therapy TM  Techniues. You will be introduced to the Drop down through technique and regression techniques. You will be taught how to use a values inventory  and its relation to Time Line Therapy™.
  • There will also be a Personal Breakthrough Session – which a session that is done on 2 levels. A Personal Breakthrough Session involves you sitting with your client for one day and obtaining his/her detailed personal history. You will then apply the appropriate language to identify the problems the client is having and use the appropriate interventions to assist the client to let go of their personal issues. Then you will assist them with aligning their values with their personal goals. The client should leave the session feeling as though they have let go of their issues and are focused on reaching their future goals. Everyone involved in the Personal Breakthrough Session will benefit from it.

5. Hypnosis

  • Since you are already knowledgeable on Ericksonian hypnosis at this stage, you will be taught how to use direct authoritarian hypnosis for deep trance. You will be introduced to Estabrook and Elman inductions.

At the Intensive NLP Master Practitioner Stage, you will master the NLP skills on a whole new level. You will learn from a “higher logical level” which means that every NLP Technique that you have learned in the past now becomes deepened, more powerful, and more effective.

Who is eligible for the Master Practitioner Training?

The attendee must have trained as an NLP Practitioner and as a Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner. He/she will also be a Hypnosis Practitioner and an NLP Coach with an approved company.


DATE: 4th September – 2th September 2019

LOCATION: Hyatt Regency Resort Conference Centre, Hua Hin, Thailand

In this session there will be an NLP Trainers Training with Bruce Farrow, an ABNLP NLP Master Trainer.

The location and amenities of the area are idyllic and unforgettable.

Why attend the International NLP Trainer Training?

You would benefit from the training if you are:-

  • Looking for a career change and want to become an NLP Trainer
  • Looking for the ultimate personal development course
  • Already a trainer (not NLP) and want to take your training qualifications to the next level
  • Inspired by your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner material and want to develop yourself further
  • Exploring career options