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Florence Tee – Certified NLP Trainer ABNLP

If you are looking for NLP Courses in Kuala Lumpur or Malaysia, you have come to the right place!

Noodle NLP offers a whole manner of NLP courses that are relevant to the total NLP novice and the more experienced student.

Our NLP courses include NLP Introduction Events, Certified NLP Practitioner , Certified NLP Master Practitioner Courses, Certified NLP Trainers Training plus NLP Coaching, NLP Master Coach, Time Line Therapy at both practitioner and master practitioner levels and hypnosis, at practitioner and master practitioner.

Our Standards

If you are interested in learning NLP and, are considering one of the many NLP courses that are available, you can rest assured that our NLP Trainers are all Certified by the ABNLP (The American Board of NLP – the biggest certification board in the world). All our NLP courses are taught to their standards or above. There are many NLP trainings on the market that, for example, do not provide pre course study and, do not fulfill the 120 training hours necessary and laid down by the governing body.

In conclusion, all our courses include advanced levels of pre course study by either audio programs, or video programs. Consequently , this enables the students to prepare properly for their NLP course. Thus, when they come on the course they are already at a level higher than most. Hence they can turn their attention to the practical side of NLP.

Most importantly, for too long, in Asia, the standard of NLP Training has been well below whats available on an international basis. Noodle NLP intends to start changing that and hence have hired an NLP Master Trainer as a consultant. Consequently we can ensure the quality of our trainings are simply the best in Malaysia and Asia.

A full list of our trainings are below. Click on any one of them to find out more.

Our NLP Courses

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